Red Bull Romaniacs Motorcycle Rental


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Due to our long term experience at Red Bull Romaniacs, we offer the best service for this race. In the past years, we provided rental bikes and service for almost 200 riders, from all over the world, for all classes. We provide professional race service for following brands: KTM and Husqvarna including also diagnostic tool.

All our bikes are equipped with Mefo Extremesoft Mousse rear, Mefo Extreme mousse front, Hyde hand guards extra strong, Hyde skid/pipe combo guard, front/rear strap, fan, Mitas tires of your choice, so you don’t have hidden costs.

For other Power Parts, Rekluse, lowering kit, low seat, suspensions and protections and for Sidi, Airoh, Acerbis, Oneal gear please ask.

New Bike Premium package:

2018/2019 KTM 300 EXC Six Days 2 stroke models

New Bike Premium package:

2018/2019 Husqvarna TE 300 2 stroke models

New Bike Premium package:

2018/2019 KTM/Husqvarna all other models

Almost New Bike Premium package:

2018 KTM 300 EXC or Husqvarna TE 300/250 2 stroke, or KTM 250/350 EXC-F/ HUSQVARNA 250/350 FE


This price includes the bike rental for the entire competition, plus 2 extra days of riding before the competition.

All our bikes are registered and have the regular insurance for damages on others (no fully comprehensive insurance for damages on the bike or driver included), and you can drive with them also on public roads.


Our services are:

VIP Service

  • Bike wash during the race.
  • Preparing and setting the bike before the race.
  • Service at the paddock and at the service point during race.
  • Cold water, water for camel bag, snacks, fruits, sandwiches, during the race, at the service point.
  • Spare parts service at the service point and in the paddock, (no spare parts included)
  • Carryover of a 12 Liter private box (Box will be supplied by us).
  • Refueling the bikes after the race.
  • One personalized Red Bull Romaniacs limited edition race shirt, with your name on it.
  • Free WiFi at the shop and in the race paddock.
  • One massage after the race at the BBQ Party.
  • Prologue training on a private Prologue area, with instructor, and with Andy Fazekas (the builder of RBR Prologue) giving tricks and tips on Saturday at 17.00 before the race.
  • Race training with our 1KTM race trainer on former Red Bull Romaniacs tracks on Saturday morning.
  • BBQ Party on Saturday after the race, with food and premium drinks included.


VIP Plus Service.

  • Includes the VIP service, and following.
  • Rider pick up at the Sibiu airport at arrival, and transfer to the Hotel.
  • Short introduction of the Organizer Point, Paddock, Closed Bike Park, Prologue area.
  • Bike transfer to the hotel before the race.
  • Bike wash during training.
  • Bike and rider shuttle at the start every morning. (sometimes the start or finish is over 50 km away)
  • Soft drinks, 2 types of pasta during the race, at the service point.
  • Carryover of a 16 liter instead of 12 liter private box (Box will be supplied by us).
  • Fuel for the 2 training days.


Ultimte VIP

  • Includes VIP Plus and following:
  • 1 free sports massage during the race.
  • Survival kit asked by the race organizer for the race. (you don’t have to loose time searching to buy it)
  • Speed shuttle (when you arrive at the finish, you don’t have to wait for the shuttle to fill up, the shuttle will leave in maximum 3 minutes after arrival, and will have cold water and soft drinks on board.
  • You can choose your food at the service point (in reasonable limits).
  • Free prepaid sim card including local, roaming in Europe (countries included have to be confirmed before the race) and international minutes and internet access. (countries included have to be confirmed before the race)
  • Gear cleaning during race and training. (only pants, jersey and gloves)


Ultimte VIP Plus

  • Includes Ultimate VIP and following:
  • Daily massage.
  • Boots, helmet, goggles and underwear cleaning each day, and also during training.
  • 2 training days before the race with our 1KTM race trainer on former Red Bull Romaniacs tracks. (except Saturday before the race)





If you still need other information’s, don’t hesitate to contact me.





Here you can read the opinion of some of our riders:


We were honestly so impressed with your professionalism and consideration of the riders. I think you worked every bit as hard as the riders. Would we pay for your service again???… you betcha, every time!!


Thank you for looking after Thomas so well. You offered a great service for the riders and made their tough easier. Thomas is so happy he finished the race. He is a pretty tough kid and we were very proud of him managing to finish silver. He has had type 1 diabetes since he was 4 years old. This makes doing such a demanding sport even harder and involves a lot of consideration of amount of food needed, amount of insulin needed and what effect the exercise demand has on the blood glucose levels of the body. We are extra proud of him for not letting this stand in his way of life and his riding. Thanks for your part in helping him achieve his dream of completing silver Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 🙂


Thank you again for every thing, it was a very good experience, your team was brilliant and the bike was perfect. Please also thank your wife for the nice sandwich at the service points I must say I will recommend you to anyone who want to do the race. I hope to be back, not sure if my savings will allow for next year, but I hope soon.


Life is back to normal here at home but the memories from Romania still flow strong. Lots of people at home like to hear the stories and of course, I love to share them. My wife smiles and shakes her head but hey she has heard them a few times now 🙂 Many thanks to you and your crew for all the excellent support. The KTM 350 you provided was fantastic. I’m really impressed at how well the bike was prepped so all I had to do was get on and ride. The suspension setting was superb which is not so easy to achieve for a plus size rider. I know all of you worked very hard during the event and looked after all our needs on Team 1KTM very well. Always with lots of encouragement and a smile I might add.

We also enjoyed the prologue training at your shop, the set up in the pits and at the shop were very stylish, very nice personalized race jersey, great lunches, and the BBQ after the race well, what can I say; terrific!

After so many great days on the bikes, it was so nice to share, with new friends and old, some great camaraderie over a few beverages and delicious food. I have tried a few of the BBQ recipes at home and they were a hit.

Noel and I are very proud to have received finisher’s medals for RBR. We would like to extend our appreciation to you and your crew for all your support to achieve our goals.

Angelo, your hospitality is first class. Take care my friend.


I’m back in Canada now after one heck of an adventure in Romania at the Red Bull Romaniacs!

One would think after 685km’s, 23.8 bike hours and even more time spent in the Carpathian mountains I’d be ready for a break from bikes. Quite contrary though. …. I want more!! To start. Romaniacs is the most organised, professional and well put on event I have ever attended. The riding is beyond spectacular. I felt on many occasions I was riding in a postcard……and then I was usually met around the next corner by one heck of a challenging up or downhill. Martin and his crew definitely know how to put on a race!

I feel like I may have a little unfinished business with Red Bull Romaniacs……. I qualified well for the prologue (17th) but after that things got challenging. I battled harder than I ever have with jet lag. Barely sleeping during the nights coming up to a race which I knew was going to demand all that I had in order to finish. On top of that, I managed to get what I think was a bacterial bug in my stomach, this really didn’t help my cause nutrition and energy-wise. None the less, I tried my best to put in a good ride. Unfortunately, every time I pushed really hard I got gassed, and struggled in areas I normally wouldn’t.

On Day One, after battling through a section named ‘Doomed’, after lunch and a chat from Angelo(my bike support\Actionland KTM boss), I felt a little better. I managed to get my bike up a few pro sections where I’m really not sure most people would think a bike should go…. pretty cool! Unfortunately, I got to a spot wear I couldn’t get my bike any further on my own and the rest of the Gold class riders behind me had time barred out for the day already…… So I got the pleasure of riding UP aaand down the ‘Sherco River’!

Day Two, had some gnarly sections for the Golds pretty much right out of the gate. I managed to struggle to the first tank point, but by then really did not feel well. I took a big break…… a South African named Jay from my class came rolling in about 20 minutes behind me. He was ‘done for the day, and was going to ride out on the silver course’. I decided to ride along with him to the finish in Voineasa. The Silver course, being a little less demanding was nicer for my body and I actually started to enjoy the ride!

Since I was out of the race now, Jay and I were recruited to be sweepers for the silver class on day 3. This turned out to be a lot of fun actually as we were able to enjoy the views along the way, and have a good time on the course chasing silver riders down! Quite possibly some of the most spectacular views (6500′ + elevation) and some of the funniest trails I have ever ridden! I think I had finally shaken my stomach bug too, because I was finally starting to feel good. I wish it had come a little sooner as it would have been really nice to be able to keep racing and finish this beast!

Day 4 was a special day too. My Dad had time barred from the Bronze class, mostly due to the log jams and spodes all over the place in this class. Sitting in a cue for up to an hour just to try a hill at times. We got to ride ‘the tour’ back from Petrosani back to Sibiu. The course did not lack at all! Awesome views, some fun tech spots along the way and on the way back on the highway (this is a whole other story but Romania is so cool that you can ride your dirtbike on the public roads!) we stopped at a little guest house on the way back to town for a really good lunch! I felt it was a great day to share with my Dad to somewhat conclude our Romaniacs adventure.

One day if it all comes together, I’d love to go back and take another swing at this race. I feel I have something for it if i’m feeling good and dialed!

I’d like to say a huge Thank-you to all that have helped me out along this adventure/journey to the race. I really appreciate all of your help and support of my mission for extreme enduro!